The most practical and ecological packaging, as well as the introduction of non-alcoholic wines are in fashion

Adapt or die, is surely one of the most recurrent quotes in the business world, and it cannot better define the current situation of the wine market. Bodegas Fernando Castro is aware of this, and we have been adapting our facilities and packaging lines in recent years, always with this ever-changing horizon in mind.
In this sense, 2020 was a surprisingly good year for the bag-in-box format, which translated the purchase of more volume in bottles into the acquisition of this format, which allowed us to save space in our refrigerators during pandemic times. Cans, on the other hand, are already facing glass bottles, as they satisfy the new ecological awareness which is promoted in society, which is establishing very critical ideas due to the amount of carbon emitted in glass production.
Portability or better conservation are key to try new formats such as tetrabriks, pouch, cans and so on, which just arrive but seems to be settled. These formats help control alcohol consumption due to their size. Moreover, the “less is more” begins to prevail, with more digestible and gastronomic drinks, wines that allow to take a couple of drinks. In short, lower alcohol content and less quantity but healthier wines.
Health has become a central issue due to the current pandemic, and Fernando Castro has not only promoted the production of non-alcoholic wines, but also organic ones. Several of them have been recently awarded in international competitions. Organic and vegan consumption are key values for new generations, and the wines from Bodegas Fernando Castro could not ignore it.

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